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Wine at the park


Wine At the park is more of a saltry woodsey candle. This candle is apart of our Luxury line. This is an Aura Vessel which is heavy yet stylish. This 12oz candle speaks for its self. Wine at the park is a candle you can burn while sitting on your desk on a quite nigth while enjoying your favorit book , wine and song. This is the best relaxing candle ever made.


Scents Notes

Top: Whisky, Mango, Mojito

Middle: Coconut

Bottom: Cedar, Sandlewood

 Please remember to trim your wick to 1/4 and never burn around unattended children and animals.

 We use 100% Coconut nautral wax for all our candles and we don't mass produce to ensure each candle is inspected properly before leaving our studio.

Comes in 12oz vessel

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