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The Love Connection Collection


The Love Connection Collection is a must have. This collection can be purchased as a bundle with the candle or with the candle. The bundle comes with

his and her massage oil, Black Rose soap, bath soak and his and hers perfume and cologne. This is the perfect Valentines Day gift.



Sweet Almond Oil

Safflower Oil

Grape-seed Oil


Castor Oil

Vegetable Glycerin

Lavender Essential Oil

Camphor Essential Oil

Vitamin E

Vitamin C

Chamomile Essential Oil

Scent notes for

Blacker the Berry

Top Note: Black Berry , sugar

MidNote: Cedarwood, pear

Base Note:berry, plum

The lover

Top Notes: Oud, Grapefruit

Mid Notes: Leather, Incense

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Musk, Patchouli, Amber, Cedarwood, Guaiac wood, Tonka, Labdanum

The Gentle Giant

Top Note - sweet amber

Mid Note - powdery, herbal, guaiacwood

Base Note- cedarwood, sandalwood, musk, vanilla, tonka

The Sweeter The Juice

Top Notes - Aldehydes, Citrus, Apple, Peach, Red Berries, Mandarin

Mid Notes- Aquatic, Green Leaves, Tropical, Lactonic

Base Notes- Caramelized Sugar, Vanilla, Musk

Gray Sweats

Top Notes– Green, Ozone

Mid Notes – Violet, Rose, Lily, Fern

Base Notes – Oakmoss, Earthy, Musk


Top Notes: Citrus

Mid Notes: Plum,Black, Cherry

Base Notes: Sugar, Light Musk, Amber, Freesia, Vanilla

Dark Ice

Top Notes- orange, pine, citrus

Mid Notes - violet, lavender, jasmine

Base Notes - sandalwood, musk

Honey Suckle

Top Notes - Citrus

Mid Notes - Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Green

Base Notes- Wood

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