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Natural Bath Soak


This luxurious, handmade bath salt soak is made with all-natural ingredients. Epsom Salt is perfect for relaxation, pain relief, and easing tension. Dead Sea Salt can help with stiffness and joint pain and can soothe your skin. Trace Minerals from the ocean have been known to help with skin's moisture. The Botanicals we use in our bath soak help relieve skin dryness, rehydrate and soothe and relax your body especially after a long day. For our threptic soaks we add eucalyptus fragrance oils for their aromatherapy benefits and to rejuvenate the mind and body. Also comes with a free scoop.

***Large Bath Salts- approx 500g(18oz).** Vegan, Cruelty-Free, All Natural Ingredients. Comes in a resealable, stand up clear pouch ***(Only this size)

***We offer plastic jars in sizes 8, 12 and 16oz***

We also offer a sample bundle that will be any three of the soak in a 2oz jar. Just message me as to which ones you would like.

We also have other matching products that you can try out.

Our Rose' Soak is relaxing and leaves your skin hydrated and refresh and not to forget smelling amazing. Pour about 1/3 cup into a warm running bath. ingredients: Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Rose Mary, Rose fragrance, Red Mica powder for Coloring and Rose Bud Botanicals. Now take a load off and enjoy your personal spa day!

Our Purple Love Soak. What can I say purple is a girls favorite color. This soak is the perfect example of a time to your self. The smell alone brings peace to your mind, body and soul. Ingredients; Epsom Salt , Dead Sea Salt , Sea Salt, Rose Mary, Purple Mica powder for coloring, Chamomile fragrance and Lavender Buds Botanicals.

Our Wine Down Soak. Wine anyone? This is the time for you to pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine take a load off. The is the perfect bath soak for the women who does it all. Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Dead Sea salt, Rose Mary, Sea Salt, wine fragrance Oil, Gold Mica for coloring and Calendula Botanicals.

Our Divine Soak. This one will leave you speechless and much more calm. Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Rosemary, Sand fragrance Oil, Dead Sea Salt, Sea Salt, Black, White and Pink Mica for coloring and Five Flower Botanicals.

Our Relaxation Soak, This one will leave you calm and relaxed. Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Rose Mary, Rose Hip Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Dianthus Leaf Botanicals.

Our Me Time Soak, Who time is it? ME TIME Yesssss Ma'am here you have it. Close the door turn the lights off light our Me Time candle turn your music on and have your Me time. MY MY MY you deserve it. Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Rosemary , Spearmint Oil and Jasmine Bud Botanicals. Be Sure to inquire about our ME Time Candle.

We are proud to say that we only make small batch so that we can make sure we are sending out safe products to our customer, Your well being means a lot to us!

DISCLAIMER: Not for consumption. Please avoid ingredients you are allergic to or may have a sensitivity to. I suggest testing in a small area of skin before using as directed. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. I am not making any medical claims, only stating what is know about the ingredients. External use only! These products are not intended to treat or cure any illness. The user assumes all risk and liability. Please be mindful colored mica is use and proper cleaning afterward would help with staining.

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