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Jolly Rancher Body Mist


Jolly Rancher Body Mist is a fun yet mesmerizing Perfume. If you have ever dreamed of smelling like the candy itself on on any day, add Jolly Rancher perfume for women to your morning lineup. This signature fragrance was designed to provide a new option for young and mature women. It has the scent notes of


Sugar ,blueberry


Ylang Ylang


Peaches and Pears

This a also a great springtime fragrance that is subtle enough for casual wear on an afternoon date or a day out with friends


Comes in 1.7oz glass bottle.




SD Alcohol 40B, Deionized Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin

Customer Reviews

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Belle Norman
I smell edible!!!

I have been searching EVERYWHERE for a real candy scented perfume and this is IT!!! It smells sooo sweet and exactly what I wanted, just like the blue jolly rancher. Has instantly became my favorite fragrance. It last for quite a few hours too. The size of the bottle is great too. The only issue is the spray top on the bottle, it's just not convenient and was loose and leaked inside the box upon delivery (not too much wasted) My neice has already helped her self to half my bottle and wants her own. I will be repurchasing for her birthday. If you like a true sweet candy scent this is the one and two.

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