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Black History Scented Candles


Enjoy these hand poured Coco wax candles. In celebration of Black History we offer 3 of many pioneers. These are 8oz jars . The scent is refreshing, calming and relaxing.


Vessels may come
In clear vessels currently out of stock of the black and white vessels

Martin is a mild yet masculine scent
Cicely is a more fruity smell
Maya is a stronger scent that reminds you of a clean soothing aroma

The aroma from all the candles will set of an entire room and full the room with a smell that will accent the ambience. These scents are my special house blend and there for one of a kind.

About my Candles and Melts
I like smells that speak to me. My candles a soothing and relaxing and boy can the scent fill up a room. My favorite places to set my candles are in my bathroom and my kitchen. I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do!

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